November 06, 2011

What’s wrong with wearing spanx?

If “boy’s don’t get tights”, (as Dawn Porter once said here) then they will definitely not get SPANX.

So why are people so against them? Only this week I have seen more celebrities being rinsed for their use of slimline underwear. Instead of having a go at them, I think we should be embracing them. It’s not airbrushing or lying to the public by chopping off half an inch in a Victoria Secret ad, it’s just popping some undies. Let’s be honest: they are a MARVELLOUS invention.

They have many uses:

  • Making that maxi dress look a bit less bumpy and let’s be honest with a dress that touches the floor, why not go all Bridget Jones, no one will ever know.
  • Disguising a post-pregnancy tum in the first few weeks. (Can also be applied if you are having to attend a glamourous launch party following a huge Sunday roast.)
  • Slimming down immediately by a few inches instead of going on a horrible diet
  • Investing in something which will make every single item of your wardrobe look better

Celebrities that have been giving them a go as of late:

It’s not just me promoting about the benefits:!/HilaryAlexander/status/133285284329701376

xoxox glc

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  1. UrbanMadonna says:

    Love Spanx…the best invention since the straightening iron! I like your blog!

  2. @emgan says:

    Hey thanks 🙂 I agree, they literally are amazing.

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