June 12, 2012

what’s that jacket, margiela?

You know what they say. If Kanye or Jay-Z put your name in a song then you’ve made it. If they put your same in a collaborative song, then you’ve definitely made it. So Martin Margiela should be a very happy Belgian man right now. Well done double M.

But that’s not the only reason Margiela should have a big old smile on his face, oh no. He’s only gone and been next in line to be the top fashion designer to partner with H&M. I’ve been seeing the excitement spiral around Twitter for most of today and it seems people are going even crazier for this than they did for the Lanvin announcement.

I think H&M is a very clever brand. They are affordable and shopper-friendly. They have that ‘drop-in’ effect of ‘oh I’m just going to pick up a top after work” – they don’t petrify our bank accounts, but they are still fashionable. You can still replicate a catwalk/magazine look by going to H&M and not break the bank, yet you don’t feel awkard and embarrassed like you would with a loud Primark bag.

The way in which H&M is still branded as friendly and affordable yet firmly planted in the fashion world really works. We therefore respect them not only for being kind to our wallets, but having the authority and know-how to team up with really cool designers.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like. The high street ain’t what it used to be. It’s getting kinda…..(dare I say it) COOL.

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