June 19, 2012


Liz Jones really gets my goat. OK, fine, it’s probably my own fault that I am currently agitated as I do actually choose to read her bitchy and callous articles. But her latest article I couldn’t ignore, not only because it was another article saturated with unecessary digs, but it was also the sheer IRONY of it. The other day, Madonna got her boob out on stage. This is something Madonna is famous for. Why is anyone shocked by this behaviour? Only a few years ago she snogged Britney and that seems to just receive a little shrug and a “what are they like”. But Liz Jones appears apparently outraged that Madonna is not at home knitting. Being slightly past-it herself (especially for a ‘gossip-columnist’), I was shocked to find her moaning about how Madonna should ‘give it a rest’ because she is 53 and exposing herself.

Here’s what I think.

Firstly, Liz Jones is 54 (yes I just looked it up) so if she can behave like a 15-year-old teenager with hormones flaring and a Mean Girls streak, then I think it’s unfair for Madonna to be scolded for celebrating her body. After all, she is only doing her best. Yes she receives a fair amount of criticism but to have that amount of motivation to a) keep going to the gym and b) keep making music is something to be admired.

I’ve written before about ageism towards younger generations, often thought of as inexperienced, lazy complainers who just on the Internet all day long. Being someone who is the on the receiving end of this, of course I despise it, but at least this is something that we potentially bring on ourselves. The statistics on youngsters on the internet, playing video games, etc is factual. We do it. So it’s up to us to try and win back the respect.

With the ageism targeted towards older folk this is what really annoys me. They’ve earnt their respect. Madonna is the Queen of Pop, with a whole history of success behind her. To me, this suggests she can bloody well do what she likes. If it means reminding herself she is still desirable and mobile and enjoying life then so be it. She’s also a great ambassador for older people who are worried they won’t always be relevant. Madonna has successfully weaved herself back into the charts by keeping it real for 30 years. What on earth is not impressive about that?

I just feel sorry for Liz Jones who is clearly bitter that she is a) older than Madonna b) not fit enough to move from her laptop c) that her job is writing for the Daily Mail.

  • She’s a writer for THE DAILY MAIL. Honey what did you expect? balanced journalism is just not in their capacity.

  • Hehe I know. I just needed a rant! 🙂

  • Yeah, it’s really sad that people just continue to bash those who are more successful then they are! Great post!

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