July 24, 2012


A big thanks to Diesel (and the lovely Laura @Diesel_UK for organising) – I got to check out the new Covent Garden flagship store yesterday which looked AMAZING!!! I was invited along with 6 other bloggers (mostly fashion) who I really enjoyed meeting.

The new store looks incredible, it’s been completely re-done and has a such a different look. When you first walk in it’s so light and spacious, but my favourite part was the women’s wear area up stairs, everything is laid out so simply but it’s still really eye-catching and not over-whelming. The jeans section doesn’t make me anxious any more as there’s isn’t just a frightening wall of jeans (what size am i ? what shape am i?), they are laid out in a way that is easy to navigate and find what you need. Everyone was really helpful.

I had a lovely time getting a first peek and looking forward to popping in again to try on more clothes..!

I got to choose my favourite items and have my own blog swing-tag placed over them.. I chose a gorgeous khaki snakeskin dress. Go in store to check it all out. <3

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