July 30, 2012

is this clever, or weird?

Is it just me that was a bit taken a back when realising that following the Fifty Shades of Grey PHENOMENON, someone’s got an kind of.. copied it?

A first of the trilogy ‘Bared to You’  by Sylvia Day is “tipped to be the next publishing phenomenon”.

Why don’t you give us something a bit different though ey Sylvia? Sounds preeeetty similar to me.

However, you make a shit load of money of the back of the Fifty Shades success then you’re kind of a clever lady.  And we’re all stupid for buying the same shit all over again.

  1. I just find this so embarrassing. Don’t these writers (and publishers!) have any integrity? I suppose not when there’s so much money involved. No doubt this copy is as awful as its inspiration. Besides, I don’t think someone can ‘obsess’ you.

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