August 06, 2012

importance of taking a holiday

View from the Headland Hotel 4/8/11

When you work hard, it’s hard to stop. You’re in a curse of always needing to be around in case something needs to be done and leaving it for someone else to do can be almost more stressful. It seems that when holiday time approaches people seem to go off the idea of having one completely because the thought of leaving things unfinished is… far too stressful. Maybe they won’t understand? Maybe they’ll stalk me on my mobile? Maybe they’ll need a password for something? 9.999 times out of 10, they won’t. (and, the harsh reality is, the office won’t explode without you). 

In the industry I work in, it seems like taking a holiday is a bad thing. Sometimes you get a teeny little frown when you sheepishly say you’re going to take a few days off. No one means to, it’s just, there’s so much to be done. Even if you are happy for someone who has just planned a big holiday you just can’t help thinking ‘oh f**k, we’re screwed, bloody holidays!!’

However, it is so important people take a holiday. Here’s why. There pretty obvious reasons:

  1. Realising no one will keel over and die if you take a few days off. It’s OK. You can break free.
  2. Sleep. Remember what it’s like to sleep for more than five hours? Yes. I’m talking HEAVY, head-crashing-on-pillow sleep. No alarm. BLISS
  3. To have a life! Yes, A LIFE. Remember that thing you once had? Yeah. It was pretty fun wasn’t it?
  4. To see your friends. YUP. REAL LIFE FRIENDS. Friends that you don’t work with! Out side of work FRIENDS.
  5. Family. Seeing family is soooooo important. Make time for them. They always make time for you.
  6. You get some fresh air. I went to Newquay this weekend. My lungs loved me. They felt so happy and free
  7. By relaxing, you’ll look a little less shit. Working hard is bad for your skin, circulation, weight etc. Lie down and relax. You’ll be stunned at the compliments you’ll receive without those big eye bags
  8. Reading. Writing. Doing something that is BY CHOICE. It’s thrilling
  9. Reboosting your creativity. Seeing something outside of those four walls at work might inspire you to think differently
  10. Rest. Lying horizontal. Eating whilst lying horizontal. Charging those grumpy batteries
  11. Not looking at a screen. I find this hard. If I’m not looking at my iPhone, I’m looking at my BlackBerry or looking at my laptop. But switching these things off is just so good for you.

So remember, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for taking a break!!

TAKE A BREAK!!!!!!!!!

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