October 18, 2012


Big thank you to SkinnyDip for my awesome new headphones. I am literally in love with them and can’t stop rabbiting on about them. They sit pride of place on my desk at work and they are getting lots of attention because they are pretty loud (in colour and volume).

Skinnydip are a great new start-up (I say new, they’ve been around a year or so) first finding fame on Dragon’s Den, securing an investment from Dragon Peter Jones.

I absolutely love their products. I met one of the talented designers at the event they hosted on Tuesday night at Callooh Callay (one of my favourite Shoreditch haunts).  If you want to check out all the goodies they have go here. Perfect for quirky presents and little things to pimp your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, everything. 

Had a great evening and I also gave away some earmuff headphones via Twitter this evening. Stay tuned on @girllostincity as I may give away more…..


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