October 30, 2012

Attitude is a big deal

The word ATTITUDE is actually a pretty massive deal. It’s basically your personal and personalized engrained outlook on things that seep into the forming of daily opinions. It effects the probability of the number of opportunities you get, the friends you make, your personal and professional progression, your decisions, how people perceive you, how you perceive yourself and how you develop as a person, in all sorts of ways.

Attitude can be thought to just be a temporarily thing, like a grumpy student can be told that they ‘don’t like your attitude’ – OK fine – that can be slightly off-putting. But really, the main reason an attitude can affect you, is because it affects YOU. What you put out, really is what you get back. Simple as.

Although an attitude can lie quite deep below your surface, it can actually be quite easy to change. Even if you think you can’t, you can wake up the next day and decide ‘today I’m not going to hate my job/that person/this city’. Your attitude towards something can actually reap massive benefits to your daily life. You can go from finding joy in things you were missing out on before hand, because you were too busy having the attitude of THIS SUCKS. (You can still think it sucks, because it probably does, but a change in attitude can make you navigate around the problem more easily). For example, Person X is a bitch. Yes, she IS. But, by dealing with bitchez, in return you are learning how to deal with it in the best way. By thinking of it in a good way, it’s no longer just a whiny problem.

If something’s holding you back – pinpoint what it is and I bet you anything it’s something that can be conquered by retuning your attitude towards it.

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