December 19, 2012

By Tory Jewellery


Name: Victoria Pigott

Company: By Tory Jewellery

Favourite part of your job? I have always taken great pleasure in buying and wearing jewellery, many of my most precious and sentimental items are pieces of jewellery given to me by my family and friends or that I bought at a time/place I wanted to remember. So making jewellery was just the next step I suppose. I think my favourite part is probably seeing people enjoying pieces that I have made that mean a lot to me, and now that piece also means something completely different to them. I love that.

I take inspiration from many different things, but I would say each collection probably has a link to friends, family and where I grew up. My Forget Me Nots collection was very much for my grandpa, he was one of the main reasons I started to make jewellery and he absolutely adored jewellery and charms. He bought me many little trinkets over the years and I still have and treasure all of them to this day.

What are your plans for 2013? I have a couple of new collections that I will be launching, one is at the request of my sister who had been demanding I make her a new ring, it started with one and it seems to have expanded into a collection. The other is pretty vibrant, so it will be something fresh and summery to look forward to when January gets a bit grim. I have a few shows, exhibits and bigger commissions planned in the new year to but aside from that I am just really looking forward to another year of getting to do a job I am excited by and enjoy.

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‘Get Stacked’ stacking rings in pure silver

tory twin bangles

‘All my Love’ twin bangles in Autumn gold


New ‘All my Love’ earrings made with pure silver


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