March 12, 2013

TV, but not as we know it


Smart girls with lols around the edges are back.

I love discovering new things in crazy media-land and I JUST DID. Especially when it involves girl-power on Google+. Move over sofa, it’s all about watching the latest and greatest entertainment on your phone, tablet, iPod. We’re all busy and we wanna be able to listen and join in on the move. 

The reason I bloomin’ love Twitter is because you just stumble upon random little things that get you all excited, like this new awesome trio of girls in loud jumpers (Gemma Cairney, Georgia L-A and Georgie Orkell) who have started a quirky new project called @thefoxproblem. It’s like all the best bits of radio, TV, Twitter all wrapped up in one shiny package. This is what’s all about surely, young peeps starting up projects, roping in old & new contacts, networking, the power of social media, an idea, and new ways of communicating with audiences.

I just LOVE the idea of this. Music, live hangouts, Ollie Locke manning the bar, interviews and glittery jumpers. What is not to love about this situation.

Here’s how Georgia describes it:

“Almost a year ago to the day, running between shoots for SBTV, I (Georgia L-A) and t4’s Georgie Okell sat in a North London cafe wondering where the smart girls with lols around the edges had gone from our tellies. Things we missed: The Big Breakfast, TFI Friday, The Girlie Show – we wanted to bring the party back to broadcasting, with girl power at the heart of it. Then take that party to the whole world via that little known tool, the Internet.”

Join in:

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