June 18, 2014

Can I still be a feminist and ……

    • Wear heels on nights out?
    • Moisturize?
    • Have my boyfriend pay for dinner on my birthday?
    • Have my boyfriend pay for dinner just because?
    • Want to look nice sometimes?
    • Want to look nice ALL THE TIME
    • Ask for help to change a light bulb?
    • Shit at reading maps?
    • Fake tan to every inch of my life?
    • Allow a man at work to pick up a f*cking heavy item?
    • Think some women are dickheads?
    • Think some men are dickheads?
    • Like my boobs?
    • Wear a sturdy bra?
    • Wear a Wonder Bra?
    • Watch shit Channing Tatum rom-coms like “The Vow”?
    • Cry at work?
    • Shave my legs and arm-pit hair?
    • Pay a lot of money for a hair cut?
    • Disagree with some things that other feminists say?
    • Enjoy fashion?
    • Take selfies?
    • Take loads of selfies with lipstick on?
    • Cook dinner for a guy?
    • Read trashy celebrity magazines?
    • Wear fake eyelashes?
    • Enjoy rap music?
    • Like the colour pink?
    • Dye my hair any colour?



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– Anna James, former literary editor of ELLE

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