April 22, 2015

An App To Help You Find Your Favourite Things In New York

It’s no secret that I love New York.

So when I was asked to review the new ‘Shop NYC’ app launched by Hayes and Jarvis; a new navigation tool for the Big Apple, I obvs said yes.


I mean, NYC is about discovering the sites, pounding the streets and generally soaking up the amazing buzzing atmosphere, but it’s also about shopping let’s be honest. Even though a New York map is just a giant grid, it’s hard to find where the best bits are easily.

First of all, you download in the Apple Store, the ‘Shop NYC’ app which feature the 100 best stores, handpicked and curated by city-based retail experts (like a wardrobe consultant who has dressed celebrities such as Susan Sarandon and Cameron Diaz, hello)

photo 1

The app’s featured New York shops – located mostly in Midtown, Lower Manhattan and the Upper East Side – are grouped into ten retail categories, ranging from classic department stores (think Bloomingdales, Macy’s), homeware outlets, speciality delis, such as Magnolia bakery, to New York one-offs and VINTAGE STORES. You select from the list the kind of stuff you want to find, and hey presto.

photo 2

Then comes the routes to help you find the stores. The app offers recommended shopping routes curated by retail experts, as well as allowing you to plan your own route around the city’s maze of shops. GPS tracking lets you know where you are at any point on your trip  so you can’t get lost (my saviour.)

   photo 3

Key highlights of the app are:

– 100 shops and 10 different categories of shop

– Detailed information on each shop, including opening and closing times, accepted payment methods, and recommendations from genuine retail experts based in NYC

– Information on distances and time taken to travel between shops

– The ability to start and end routes at any Hayes and Jarvis hotel, as well as many iconic landmarks

“Whether you’re interested in antiques, vintage clothing, designer dresses, beauty stores, art products or the latest in hi-tech gadgetry, our experts will give you the inside knowledge you need for a unique New York shopping experience.”  –  Suzanne Harvey, General Manager for Hayes and Jarvis, USA & Canada.


***This post was sponsored by Shop NYC***

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