August 22, 2015

This week…..on the Internet


Photography: Liv Purvis

Some random things I’ve been involved in, because why not. Ooooooh I’M CURATING.

  • I went on a podcast with Dave Booda and we talked writing & creativity, was really fun.
  • I wrote a thing for FEMSPLAIN (only the coolest bloody online mag for women in NYC, IN MY OPINION!). It’s about jealously and how to ~actually~ be happy for other people.
  • I was interviewed by with the one and only Liv Purvis on her blog What Olivia Did. It was so fun. We chatted in a café in London Fields. What a lovely woman she is.
  • I also did a little interview with Mia Holt over on her blog about writing, books, working at Glamour.
  • Another interview (soz) – cool online shop called Brand Attic also interviewed me and I tried some of there lovely clothes out.

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How I Grew Up Online

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