September 21, 2015

The Street Where I Live


If you haven’t heard of Alexandra King’s beautiful blog The Street Where I Live, you should immediately check it out. It’s has two regular features that I absolutely love and it reads as professionally as a glossy magazine. Alexandra lives in New York and I love following her Instagrams of her life. One of these blog features goes by the same name of the blog called “The Street Where I Live” interviewing people from around the world around about their unique homes and what their street means to them; and the other one is Thought Pharmacy, where Alexandra prescribes advice to anyone who writes in a letter. She suggests way in which to make them to feel better by offering a recommended song, an activity, a movie, a book, a poem. It’s such a lovely idea. She writes beautifully and I’m a huge fan of her blog and her ideas. One of my favourites is 29 things I’ve learned in my 20s. Go grab a cup of tea and get lost in her words.

When she asked if I wanted to be in her The Street Where I Live series I was so excited and happy! She’s covered people from all around the world, including Mexico City, Baltimore, Somerset….and now little old Hackney.

I chat London life, happiness, careers, home-life, food, friends, cafés and my favourite things to do in my spare time.

Read the full post here on Alexandra’s blog.


My Book

“In love with Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete. So funny & smart, and reminding me of some of my own cringe teen Internet exploits!”

– Anna James, former literary editor of ELLE

"Funny, honest, and nostalgic!"

– The Debrief

“Emma Gannon is a bright spark of light in the world. I seriously dig everything she makes”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Big Magic