February 08, 2016

Generation Granny

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If someone asked me, in all seriousness, what my ideal evening would consist of, I would close my eyes and think of the following (in this order): soaking myself in bath oils until wrinkled, lying horizontal underneath a big blanket wearing thick socks, propping myself with an oversize pillow, and settling into a good solid book (hardback, not on Kindle). I know what you’re thinking: This reminds you of the sort of evening someone’s grandma would have.

If you were a fly on the wall in my flat on any given evening, you’d probably see me reading the papers with a pair of glasses perched on the end of my nose. I’m 26, and yet my most treasured possession is my luxury knit hot water bottle. I often feel like the right answer should be that my ideal evening is something that involves venturing outside my apartment, or going to a concert or a party. I’m racked with fear that I will look back and regret not being “wild” in my twenties.

To console myself that I wasn’t the only one (apart from some of my introverted friends) who always preferred staying in if given the option, I went to Google for some reassurance. First, I found a piece in the Telegraph called “knitters are the new gangsters,” about the rise of twentysomethings knitting themselves woolly garments. Then I found a satirical article published in The New Yorker about the“growing phenomenon of calling oneself a grandma,” which was mostly “among twentysomethings who refuse to leave their apartments over the weekend.” I used to roll my eyes at people who would claim to be “such a grandma!” while staying at home cooking and “working on a new project” — but now I’ve turned into that cliché. I get hives at just the idea of going to a nightclub, let alone forcing my feet into pointy heels after years of only wearing black leather boots. But it’s OK — maybe Generation Granny really is on the rise.



  • I’m definitely more of a homebody. I’d much rather stay in than go out, which probably makes me a granny too, but honestly I love it.

  • Briyana Newby

    I think that this article is astonishing. I am currently at work with a scarf double flipped around my neck to stay warm and cozy. Yes, it does look a little granny-ish but I like it. I also think I look a bit chic lol. The new generational granny is a real thing. I think that young women are missing the essence of a woman that was here generations ago and we go against the grain but not doing what typical 20 year old something do. I love to have my nose in a book rather in a night club or something. I feel like I posses more substance, and fulfilled being more domesticated.

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