March 15, 2016

Keep On

“Good for her – not for me” is the only quote from Amy Poehler’s Yes Please that I remember. There were others, but I’m bad at remembering quotes. I always get them wrong so I’m too afraid to freestyle with them in conversations in case someone is next to me with a notepad saying “you got that quote wrong. I’m going to tell the Quote Police.” Mis-quoting people is an Internet crime, you know.

This quote, however, kept circling around in my head whenever I saw someone achieving something amazing – something that I would never do. “Good for her!” My heart would swell and I would applaud inside my head, I’d feel genuinely completely proud and feel my body relax. Then a sharp tug at my sides. It’s jealousy trying to claw at me. Sometimes, it’s like I’ve been winded.

“Not for me,” is the bit that follows, encouraging you to stop in your tracks and remind yourself that someone else is achieving some different, on a parallel path next to yours. Their path is curving a slightly different way. Let it. You can’t cross over – you have to stay put, on yours. Perhaps you have a treat lying ahead of you. But you can always look over the garden fence and say to someone else: “Good for you! Keep going.” Taking a peak into someone else’s life changes nothing about what lies ahead for you. Keep on keeping on.

  1. Trudy says:

    I love this Emma, you have such a way with words and always translate a wonderful message x
    Trudy | TrudyJohanna

  2. Kate says:

    I had never thought of that feeling of jealousy as being winded but it describes it just oh-so-perfectly.

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