August 11, 2017

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #92 Rebecca Holman (On Being A Beta Boss)


Rebecca Holman is the editor of The Debrief and the author of BETA: Quiet Girls Can Run The World.

Rebecca was also my boss when I worked at The Debrief years ago, and so it was nice to catch up with her, especially as she also featured me in her book (which you should all read).

Rebecca’s book BETA is published on 24th August ’17 and takes a look at the two stereotypes of women in the workplace: the Alpha boss, or the Beta secretary or assistant. Rebecca is self-defined as a straight up Beta and she describes the differences between the two terms on the podcast. Obviously being reduced to two stereotypes isn’t massively helpful and of course there is a sliding scale. What if you’re a Beta who wants to lead and be the boss in the workplace – like Rebecca? Can you be a successful boss who is also quiet, reserved and likes going home on time?

BETA celebrates the collaborators and the people who believe that being nice works and getting your own way isn’t always the most important thing. It is a call-to-arms that explores the unsung workforce of BETA women who are being great bosses, great leaders and are still living their own lives: having relationships, making time for friends, having families.

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