September 13, 2017

Announcing my brand new podcast: Get It Off Your Breasts

Why have one podcast, when you can have two?

SO excited to share this. I have launched a brand new roundtable podcast chat show, with the tongue-in-cheek name of Get It Off Your Breasts! This is the start of season one which will have 8 episodes.

Our tagline is “Digging into the issues that really get under your skin* and the point is this: we invite our guests every week to get things (serious or silly) off their chests. One topic each and we discuss. I am co-hosting this show alongside amazing Lliana Bird and it is produced by the very talented Shola Aleje. This is the most honest, unfiltered, contradictory, multi-faceted show and nothing is off the table. We have a multitude of amazing guests confirmed including Shappi Korsandi, Konnie Huq, Gizzi Erskine, Angela Scanlon, Dawn O’Porter and loads more. We hope you like it. Trailer is out *now* on iTunes and our pals at Acast.

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Here are the episodes currently live:

– Gizzi Erskine on clean-eating – listen here.

– Dawn O’Porter on celeb-shaming – listen here.

– Shappi Khorsandi on single-shaming – listen here.

– Gemma Cairney on manners – listen here.


Get It Off Your Br**sts is a female-led roundtable discussion with a difference. This weekly podcast features unfiltered conversations tackling a diverse mix of modern day issues that get under the skin of an always-on hyper-connected society. 

Episode 1 will be released on September 18th with guest Gizzi Erskine (award-winning chef and food writer). The first six guests of the series are all seriously inspiring and outspoken women: Shappi Khorsandi, Konnie Huq, Angela Scanlon, Dawn O’Porter, Nimco Ali and Gizzi Erskine.

Inspired in a strange and twisted way by ITV’s Loose Women, this series is an antidote to old-school TV panel shows where the discussion doesn’t always feel relevant for a Millennial audience and often discuss issues confined to stereotypical “women’s issues”. This is a female-led roundtable discussion with a difference.

The series includes celebrity guests including Gizzi Erskine. Episode 1 discusses clean-eating, the rise of “influencers” and the psychology of infidelity. Each episode has the same recurring format, each host and guest picks something she wants to “get off their br**sts” (be it Brexit or bananas) and listeners get the chance to write in their pet peeves to 

Emma and Lliana said: “We are SO excited about the launch of this podcast. We both felt there was a lack of conversation around topics that don’t fall under the category of ‘women’s issues’ and want to open up a variety of conversations for women. We wanted to create a forum where we can discuss things that are driving us up the wall, rant, rave, discuss and problem-solve with interesting guests and allow our listeners to have a platform where they can get things off their breasts too.” 

Emma and Lliana are two friends who met at Cheltenham Literature Festival last year promoting their books. Emma hosted a panel called Our Lives Online alongside Deliciously Ella and Lliana.

Shola Aleje is an audio/radio producer who has worked with the likes of Edith Bowman, Lifestyle blogger Freddie Harrel, and is currently producing Cherry Healey’s Letters To My Fanny podcast. She also works as a Senior Mastering booker at Metropolis Studios. 

Emma Gannon is an blogger, author, speaker, consultant and the host of Ctrl Alt Delete podcast. The former social media editor of British Glamour, she has an award-winning blog and has been published everywhere from the Telegraph to Teen Vogue. She wrote her own weekly online column for the Telegraph in 2013 called “Women’s Bits” – and has written for the likes of Stylist, Grazia, The Debrief, The Pool,  The Metro, The Telegraph, MTV, GLAMOUR, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Hello Giggles, Time Out and more.She is currently starring in a national advertising campaign for Microsoft which showcases and celebrates her multi-hyphenate career. This is being advertised across mainstream TV, cinema, social, YouTube and out-of-home billboards. She is also currently working on her second book, represented by Abigail Bergstrom, head of publishing at GLEAM. Emma’s first book CTRL ALT DELETE: How I Grew Up Online was published in July 2016 by Ebury Press at Penguin Random House. Her incredibly successful podcast ‘CTRL, ALT, DELETE’ discusses work, social media and careers and features guests such as Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, Elizabeth Gilbert and Zoella. It has now reached over 1million downloads and was picked as ‘Editor’s Choice’ on iTunes multiple times. It was listed in the Times’ ‘top 20 podcasts to download’; ELLE UK’s ‘podcasts that will boost your career’; Marie Claire’s ‘career-changing podcasts’ and Esquire’s ‘top podcasts of 2017′.

Lliana Bird is a British radio presenter, writer, actress and co-founder of charities Help Refugees and The Kindly Collective, currently presenting on Radio X. Help Refugees is a humanitarian organisation providing aid to refugees across Europe and beyond and was named one of the NESTA New Radicals and won Liberty’s “Jo Cox, More In Common” award. Help Refugees was also named as Foreign Policy’s “Global Thinkers 2016”. She has also previously contributed to Capital Radio, Virgin Radio, and BBC Three Counties Radio. She presents a weekly podcast entitled Geek Chic’s Weird Science which was selected as iTunes Best of 2014. Bird can regularly be seen on Sky News and BBC Breakfast as a guest expert/commentator. Lliana writes for The Huffington Post on a variety of social issues and in 2016 she released a critically acclaimed book, The Mice Who Sing for Sex (and other weird tales from the world of science) with Dr Jack from her Geek Chic’s Weird Science podcast.

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