April 25, 2018

A Few Words On Self-Promotion

I have received a few emails from people asking how to promote your work without feeling icky or gross.

It is a weird thing to battle when you spend a LONG time working on something (sacrificing seeing friends, working long hours, tearing your hair out, tears) to then think “oh I shouldn’t talk about it too much… I’ll just hope people stumble across it.” We *know* that no one will shout about things or ask us to do things if we don’t put ourselves out there. We know that the Internet is a noisy vortex. But we know that we feel people’s intentions and agendas and when something is riddled with fake or empty vibes, or an honest outreach. I’m not ashamed to post about my book because I genuinely want to start conversations and encourage people of all ages to read it.

There’s some practical advice on ~self-promo~ in the book, how to do it without wanting to hide under a rock or go bright red. Amongst lots of other practical things.

So here’s my “hi, pre-order meThe Multi-Hyphen Method is out next month!” message. Evening Standard has said it’s “a great book for people who want a career less ordinary”, Stylist magazine have said “it’s an empowering buy written with humour and sense” and Girlboss.com are “into it”. Here’s to not being awkward about saying “I made this thing and I’d love for you to read it.”

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