November 01, 2011

you’ll never guess what

Still can’t believe I never put this on my blog.

Thought I would, mainly because I’m pretty sad and it’s still one of the jokest thing to have happened to me in a loo break.

April, at the O2 having dashed out of the box in the hope not to miss Usher’s first song. Sitting in the cubicle a few girls say ‘I love your boots’ sheepishly to someone who didn’t reply. What’s so special about these boots? I thought.

Putting on my lipstick quickly and ruffling my hair a small child was playing on the floor under the sinks. He accidently stood on my foot when scrambling up so I look down and clocked eyes with a small boy who’s face I really recognised. I immediately realised he looked so much like David Beckham. Omg, it’s Cruz Beckham.

Looking to my left with disbelief, the woman wearing the amazing boots was Victoria Beckham.

Running on only adrenaline and shock I asked her for a photo where her body guard took one outside in the hallway. She then ran off. Don’t blame her.

Best loo break ever.


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