November 09, 2011

why we should bring back the poncho

a messy room

Soo it’s starting to get all festive up in here. I had my first festive Starbucks latte of the year (Gingerbread latte, held back on the nutmeg but might be a little more adventurous next time) and I’ve seen advent calendars already lurking in WHSmith.

Last year I did a little blog post about festive jumpers, i.e how gorgeous Colin Firth is in one, how I wanted one, and why we should all wear one. I really want to post a picture of the miniature size Xmas jumper my sister has bought for my 3 year old nephew. Maybe next time.

So – this year, I’ve decided it’s all about the ponchos. Massive loud ridiculous ones. Well, the only one I could find this morning at the back of my wardrobe is the black one in the photo, but I’m on the look out for a big hideous one. Where to find?

Top reasons why we should all bring back the poncho this season:

  • You can hide things under it.  Just bought a Xmas present and accidently bump into the recipient? Quickly pop it under your poncho.
  • It resembles a small blanket – HELLO nap time.
  • Warmth – cosier than a jumper because you keep your arms and body heat in
  • No need to unbutton/re-button your coats – ‘cos that can get annoying
  • You can wrap someone else underneath it with you. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.
  • And the main reason a poncho is great during the eating drinking merry Xmas time: One size fits all. Hello M&S Xmas Food Hall.

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