November 13, 2011

just write

As we know, there are SO MANY BLOGS OUT THERE.

The pre scripted line that pops up when you first sign up to WordPress is ‘Just another blog’.

Fashion, beauty, tumblr photo galleries coming out of our ears.

Here I’m going to list some of my favourite blogs that I read all the time. I don’t think there are enough writing blogs. I love reading books but now that I spend so much time online for work etc, I love dipping into little bursts of words/opinion pieces whenever I can. It’s more immediate than waiting for articles in magazines to come out. So here it goes. Check them OUT.

  • Ashe – Dramatis Personae

    “Sometimes real life gets the best of me–working in the performing arts is CRAY-CRAY, and sometimes I fall behind. But my first love always is, and always will be, writing. Then film. Followed by fashion ; )”

  • Sophie Hall – Pleonasticfantastic

“Everything I ever write that is vaguely decent goes on here, and some of the shit stuff sometimes goes on here too. I exist to inform you that not all poetry is desperately dull and bollocks. This is a new kind of bollocks.”

“A network for girls who are the urban normal: fashionable, confident, slightly alcoholic BAMFS who can take a freakin’ joke.”

“By day, Writer. By night, London-lover, glutton and grump.

“She specialises in style and social trend features, investigative news pieces, travel and lifestyle articles and entertainment writing.”

“Helen is an outspoken commentator on modern relationships, sex, love, dating and all the girl-talk that those things throw up”.

  • Harriet WalkerIndependent

    “Clothes horse and agitator. Fashion Writer & columnist at The Independent”
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