November 29, 2011

do a star-jump today!

 My housemate showed me something VERY scary last night. It gave me the eebie-jeebies! Normally, infographics don’t tend to really strike a nerve, I just think ‘yes yes there are some nice numbers in a pretty format warning/informing me about something’, but this was something that I think is actually very true. It was the truth about sitting down. 

A hundred years ago, jobs involved doing physical things, being in the fields and going on long treks to find things. Now, we sit…… and don’t do much else.

This infographic, created by Medical Billing & Coding basically warns us that it’s all very well that we are loving computers and getting all techy and inventing cool new things, but we are sitting down more than EVER. In fact, we are sitting on average 9.3 hours of the day EVERY day!! (which is even more than we are sleeping!)

Considering chewing gum or standing burns more calories than  sitting..I’m sure that a quick brisk walk or jog would do wonders.

Obviously sitting in our jobs is inevitable but perhaps we should all try and do a little more energetic activity when we can – I know I need to!!  x x

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