November 29, 2011

Social media could have ruined our favourite films


Dear John: What would have happened if Dear John was infact the subject title in an email? Or the Ryan Gosling from the Notebook decided to Whatsapp Rachel McAdams? Would it have fizzled out?

Titanic: Or what if someone had tweeted about the Titanic when they had first hit the iceberg?

Home Alone: There’s no way he wouldn’t have Twitpic’d the guy covered in feathers.

James Bond:  Anonymity is vital. So what if Bond had accidently left his Foursquare logged in?

Charlie’s Angels: Don’t you think it would have been so much easier if Charlie’s Angels had BBM or a click group on email. Would have saved a lot of time.

Bridget Jones: The film may have been shorter if instead of eating ice-cream, she had debated logging onto

The Hangover: They would have Instagramm’d everything. Tiger in the bathroom would have tons of likes.

Memento: Stop writing all over yourself! Just check your Facebook history.

Catch Me If You Can: Google would have surfaced the truth about the protagonist about half way through the film. His LinkedIn profile would have been a nightmare.

He’s Just Not That Into You: There certainly would have been no phone calls being made. Gigi would have already been completely rejected on Facebook chat, Gmail chat, Twitter, Whatsapp and good old fashioned text. What’s with the landline?

The 40 Year Old Virgin: There would be no excuse. Guardian Soulmates would have sorted that problem out long ago.

Got any more? Let me know and I’ll add them in x

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