November 30, 2011

pretty & priceless


polly on day 11

This was my reaction when one of my bestest gals Polly told me she was setting up a fashion log book documenting what clothes she’s wearing every day, but with a catch –  not allowing herself to buy any NEW clothes for 169 days.

This is a hella lotta time not to have any impulse card-machine action whatsoever (and I do know she likes to peruse those aisles) – this is to raise awareness for overconsumption which is GREAT. Let’s be honest, how often do you REALLY need that new jumper/skirt/top…. and how many times have you heard your friends say: “umm don’t you already have that?” So often do we buy items stupidly similiar to what we already have, and many brits have admitted to believing retail therapy offers a release after a shitty day at work. A bankrupt bank account is not the answer ladies.

Pol will be posting photos every day looking fabulous – and financally-free!!

For a little bit of budget-busting inspiration (particularly apt at this time of year ) check out her blog for some gorgeous photos of her wowing us with her wardrobe in lots of wacky and wonderful ways.

Love love love x x x

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