December 18, 2011

Weird things about Facebook Timeline

So naturally I’ve been messing around on the much anticipated new Timeline from FaceyB which has now been rolled out to the WORLD. 800 millions peeps or something. No biggie. Thought I’d whack down some first thoughts.

  • You can compare your popularity year-on-year by viewing how many friends posted a message on your birthday. For example I had 67 in 2008 and only 54 in 2009. “Was I more of  a bitch that year?”
  • You can post on the Timeline to a specific year. For example my sister has already posted ‘Hi Emma from 2010’  in my Timeline last year – and also ‘Best day EVER X” on February 2nd 1992. (This was the day she was born.)
  • GOODBYE TO THE WALL. It is now sporadic messages that feature as pin board messages. Stalking people’s messages just got harder. Sad times.
  • The photos are BIG. Back in the day if there was a dodgy photo it was ok if you didn’t get to remove it for a few hours. Now, they are high-res and smack you in the face as soon as you log on. Beware.
  • Cover photo. I thought choosing a profile picture was stressful enough. The whole “which photo really, truly, represents ME…?” Pensive face. Now.. we have the pressure of choosing a symbolic LANDSCAPE to try and capture our entire being. Oh please……Mine is currently a dreary Sunday afternoon picture of London Bridge. There.
  • It is pretty blunt and to the point. Left a job? Been dumped? It will tell you, in REALLY big letters, WHEN and WHERE it happened.
  • If you don’t recognise some of your ‘old friends‘ from 2006, it’s probably because many of them are now married and have different names.
  • The weirdest thing of all? It’s like the launch of MySpace! Irony.

For an interesting article, read here. It’s basically about the fact that Timeline doesn’t actually represent our lives, only a top layer. I’ve been going through mine and there aren’t even half of the major milestones of my life on there. But in a way, I don’t mind that.

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