December 19, 2011

2012 is nearly here

I’m feeling festive. And also rather Olympic-y. It’s only really just hit me that next year we are HOSTING the Olympic Games. HOSTING! Like we are opening our doors to A LOT of guests, trying to remain calm next to the cooker with an oven mit still on. ‘Hosting’ suggests it’s one big fat global dinner party where we will be casually ask Montreal to pass the salt and Beijing to wing the tomato ketchup – and gently asking Athens to stop being a show off ‘cos obv he’s just soo used to this shit. TFL will be like the over-booked taxi rank (punch-ups and all) where we, the host, will nervously yell ‘get home safe!’ to thousands of people struggling to get through the congestion/stampede and back home to bed… after a bloody good evening.

I took my mum to Westfield in Stratford last week and showed her the sneaky shortcut from my house to the Olympic park using the shiny new East London oveground – hopefully her and Dad can avoid the masses when they come and stay in the Summer.

It’s 221 days to go until the Olympics and 254 until the Paraolympics. IT’S SO BLOODY RUDDY EXCITING!!!!!

So in the spirit of TEAM GB – here’s a little video that one of my bestest friends help make! She’s called Meera and recommend you follow her RIGHT AWAY on Twitter as she is awesome at keeping the Twittersphere updated with all the information and fun stuff that is going on at Team GB HQ.

ps. Pride the Lion is so cute.

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