January 09, 2012

Tell no-one

On Saturday I went to Secret Cinema. Now obviously I cannot disclose too much about it (it’s r

unning until the end of the month) but due to blogging/tweeting addiction – I have to write SOMETHING.

Obviously I cannot give away the location or the film or anything like that, but what I can say is – IT WAS AMAZING!

Here’s my top five tips if you are going.. to make it an experience to remember:

1) Get involved with the theme (although we wished we’d role-played a little more in hindsight, so if you fancy getting really dressed up then DO IT) – we also loved the fact that you’re never entirely sure who’s an actor and who’s not… which is why it’s good that everyone looks the part.

2) Don’t stand too still… you will be approached/jumped on… best to keep moving and explore all nooks and crannies

3) Wrap up warm, it’s a wee bit nippy at times but you will have a whole range of warming spirits to keep you happy..

4) Don’t try and work things out too much before the film, just enjoy the scenery and it’ll all make sense…

5) Don’t lose your friends! You can end up getting mixed up in a bizarre scenario. In case you  DO get lost, you might need to brush up on your languages…

Check it out: http://www.secretcinema.org/

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