January 11, 2012

Gender + Food

Read. Girl food? Guy food? What about Gay food?

Kinda wish I’d wrote this: Guardian piece on gendered food/diets.

via my good pal @logandsmith. Follow him he’s a dude.

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  1. Stu Bradley says:

    Interesting. I’ve had people call my style of cooking ‘man food’, so I was careful to highlight in my sparkly new food blog (http://myfuckingfoodblog.wordpress.com) that I don’t buy into the idea of gendered food! Article does raise a good point, mind…

  2. @emgan says:

    Hey stuey thanks for the comment ;- )
    Yeah I know what you mean. I don’t really buy into either (mainly as on a date recently I had a burger and said counterpart had a salad. HA. but nothing wrong with the term ‘man food’ – kinda reminds me of the phrase ‘man-flu’. Maybe it’s food that is biggest up to be more serious than it really is…. ;- )

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