January 13, 2012


Hello people of the web.

I just realised that I haven’t written for ages. Curating weird content and sharing random links that consist of Ryan Gosling’s beautiful face yes, but I haven’t written a chunky article for a while. Well, not one I’m proud of anyway. Writing things take so much time, and I forget this. Just like making something from scratch like a video or a homemade card, it takes perfection, dedication and a good idea. I always think that I can write an article in a evening over a cup of tea or in the morning before work. Reality is, that a good article, chapter or just a short piece of writing should take a good few days, if not weeks. You’re meant to draft it, re-draft it, send it to a friend, proof it after a few days after forgetting about it, and then checking it once again – and not just using spell check. I’m going to stop writing when I’m rushed, and take more time in crafting a perfectly formed idea with carefully chosen words. Things are hectic as always, but one day soon I hope to have a clearer head and write down all those things that have been circulating in my head for way too long.

Asta La Vista peeps. X

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