January 15, 2012

le artisté

Just returned from the cinema to see The Artist and as expected, it was AMAZING.

Shot in fuzzy black and white and without talking it really was so refreshing and nolstagic – like a silent film noir version of Singing in The Rain. In fact, the cheeky grin of the main actor Jean Dujardin reminded me so much of Gene Kelly, who I think was (embarrasingly) actually my first ever crush (haha). I used to watch old black & white movies with my Grandad and do the standard ‘trying to tap dance on the kitchen floor’ as it would make a sound; how annoying that must have been for everyone.

Bérénice Bejo‘s wardrobe is incredible, how FUN must it have been to be a flapper girl; ODing on sequins, have a beauty spot and that glowing warmify effect made to facial features on screen. However those films were slighter later, this film is set in 1929 – at the time the first ‘talkies’ were coming out. Kinda feeling the need to watch the Jazz Singer now. The story line was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, the shots were clever and subtle, there were clever twists in the plot and it really was such a nice love story.

Go see it – and I hope the dog is nominated for an academy award, he definitely stole the show. I can also imagine him being very professional on set.

Gene Kelly
Jean Dujardin

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