February 23, 2012

London Fash Week Yah

So London Fashion Week is over. I can almost hear the collective sighs of relief from everyone as they secretly think thank goodness I can go back to wearing tracksuit bottoms and odd socks thank you very much. I didn’t go to anything mainly because we stopped by Somerset House last weekend as they were setting up and my thoughts were a) shit, everyone’s wearing a lot of fur b) why do my legs not look like these girls legs c) Jeez that man with the walkie talkie is frightening and d) I’M NOT COOL ENOUGH TO BE HERE. Plus my lack of knowledge meant me being momentarily baffled at why acne was being promoted as being a hot new look, now THAT’S edgy.

That aside, I wasn’t really following much of it this year, except for Antonio Berardi, who is so REFRESHING. I get more excited about Men’s Fashion Week really, the designers seem to do really cool stuff each year so I’ll be stalking the updates from Milan and becoming jealous of anyone who tweets that they are there in person.

I kinda want this t-shirt. That is all.

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