February 26, 2012

The Day I Learnt How To Put Red Lipstick On Properly.

Something amazing happened on Friday, which meant I had finished early on Friday and ran to House of Fraser.

Now I’ve only just properly discovered the world of make-up. By this I mean the world of GOOD make-up. I am one of those annoying people who does the same boring routine every morning, half-asleep on the tube, trying not to spill the messy contents of my make-up bag all over the person next to me.

So on Friday, I met a woman who can only be described as some sort of guardian angel from Dior who sat me down to explain to me (in a nice way) how I had done my lipstick terribly wrong.

Her exotic accent and PERFECT skin lulled me as I sat there surrounded by the real stuff at Dior make-up counter.

Firstly, is the Dior eye-concealer called SkinFlash which you should use at the bottom of your lip to smooth away any imperfections.

Next, was the lip-liner, which I’d never think to use. I scrunched up my face as she tried to explain that it did not die out in the 90’s, but in fact still very much essential to achieving a flawless line to get get your lipstick absolutely perfect. It has a very handy pencil one end and a teeny tiny brush on the other end.  I went for the Rouge De Fete pencil colour. (That’s ‘Holiday Red’ to those of you not partial to a bit of ol’ Francais).

And now for the lipstick itself. Goodbye No.7 and HELLO topdog lippy. I got the Rouge Dior 752 (slightly darker than the one on the website.)

Tip: press your lips against a piece of cardboard and not tissue to get rid of excess and help it set properly.

My one piece of advice to you all, invest in a good lipstick. It’ll be your friend and keep you classy even when you’re hanging out in a dodgy food shop, drinking bottled beer and/or smooching weird people.

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