March 15, 2012

Why Do We Share?

From a very early age, we are taught: sharing is nice. You must not be selfish and you must learn to share. 
Now with the Internet boom, we are not just sharing our toys or personal possessions, we are sharing every element of our lives. Why do we do it? Let’s see…
  • We want the people we like to enjoy the thing we just enjoyed – We just laughed at a video on our own and now want our friends to watch it and talk to us about it with us.
  • We are using ‘sharing’ on social media as our own way of curating for ourselves – Often we ‘favourite’ something or just post it to our own feeds in order to look back at it later on.
  • We want to project a certain image of ourselves – We are in a fancy restaurant and what to make someone jealous.
  • We feel strongly about the ethics/beliefs behind what we are sharing – Sharing a link to a charity we support in the hope other people want to join the cause too.
  • We want our content to be found – For example a freelance journalist sharing their articles in order to find further work.
  • We want to socialise through common interests – By sharing a song or article we are opening our chances to meet like-minded people who also like the content.
  • We want increased opportunity – By checking into a location and sharing these details the probability of ‘bumping’ into friends increases.
  • We are emotional creatures – We want people to know how we’re feeling by reaching out on a platform that is disconnected from physical interaction.
  • We are self-marketing – We share things that show our intellect, what inspires us and where we add value. AK.A. promoting and pimping ourselves.
  • We want to break news first – we often want to be the first to discover said new band/song/trend.
  • We want to celebrate – Lost count of how many ‘I finished my dissertation!’ statuses I’ve seen in my time.
  • We want to document moments in time – Creating online photo albums/ mini stories are a way of safe-keeping electronic memories.
  • We want to be part of the big online party. 

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