March 18, 2012


I’ve decided Sunday evening’s is officially THE time for blogging. The only time there is really a spare minute to reflect on the crazy week. So I’m going to try and do these updates most Sunday nights, everything else will just be random photos and STUFF.

Writing this week:
First chapter of book done! I’ve realised it really is going to take some TIME. Jack Cullen & I still working on our next instalment of our online dating blog column (watch this space). Something potential very exciting coming up in the next few weeks with More! magazine. Also, am going along to a short film premiere The Truth About Stanley for Made in Shoreditch – it looks really interesting and is for a good cause, raising awareness of homelessness and is in assoc. with the Big Issue. Ordered Malcolm Gladwell books for this week’s reading. And lastly, my lovely pal James Drake has agreed to write a little guest post for my blog, can’t wait.

Weirdest thing of the week: 
Asking for a cup of tea and getting a HUGE BOWL of coffee instead. It was a never ending vat. Is that a new west London thing? Think I’ll stick with the Stokey expresso’s.

Favourite media story of the week:
Prince Harry reportedly cannot find love. HELLO? How do I find him? 

New thing of the week

I tried Kangeroo on Friday evening! It was on the special’s menu at Meat People restaurant in Islington. Great place (plus they tweeted me back so love them even more).

Band(s) of the week
Still obsessing with 2 bears and also My Tiger My Timing and Foster the People. I think I just like anything that makes you wanna dance like a Mum.

New place of the week:
I have two this week. A secret bar in Angel that doesn’t have a name and does the world’s strongest cocktails. Also THE NEST on Stoke Newington High St. I loved it  (mainly cos it’s near enough my house for me to stagger home by foot).

Person of the week

My mum! Happy Mother’s Day. My mum is literally the best person EVER.

Brand campaign of the week:

I LOVE THIS. Ben & Jerry’s new campaign to support Gay Marriage. Cute. 

Digital news:
I went to a Future Human event at the Book Club on Wednesday about gaming – very interesting. My favourite bit was the presentation by the Guardian/Wired’s Ben Beaumont-Thomas who described how gaming is actually being used in some many different elements of life that we wouldn’t immediately realise. I.e. the military, medical training, patients etc. He also might have been the most articulate person I’d ever heard speak. I should really give a more detailed low-down on it at some point in a separate blog post. Looking forward to checking out more Future Human events soon. 

Fashion item of the week:

Finally bought a jewelled collar... love it. Good old Topshop. Being looking at LLYMRS blog and now on the hunt for  a big cross necklace.

Blog of the week:


Favourite tweet of the week:!/The_Dolphin_Pub/status/180676339492335616

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