April 01, 2012

gig in a house

Love this idea. A gig in someone’s front room. My colleague Jonny invited people over to his house to get a taster of the band To Kill a King. Having checked them out on soundcloud earlier that week I knew I’d enjoy their music but the acoustic set they prepared was extra cool. The crowd went completely silent as they harmonised beautifully together; these guys can really sing. Obviously they weren’t able to bring their full equipment but the stripped down versions of their songs suited the vibe/location perfectly. 

Make sure you follow these guys on all social channels as they are spontaneous with gig times and venues and you can get tickets at the last minute. They’ll also provide all the news and instructions to secret gigs. You could even organise a get together and hope they might come and play : )

ALSO, check out their cover of the Yeah yeah yeah’s “Maps”.



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