April 02, 2012

join the conversation

I’m very excited about this. The reason I like blogging, and why some of my favourite websites are just a curation of honestly written articles (like the Thought Catalog and others) is because I like conversations. Honest ones. Finding out about other people is just so interesting. Not in a creepy nosy way, but listening to a range of opinions and ideas.

This is why the brand new show The Conversation hosted by Amanda De Cadenet is something I’ll be on the look out for. It starts airing on 26th April and includes guests such as Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Gwnnie Paltrow and more. It’s not airy fairy Hello magazine interviews, it’s real sofa chat. No trying to be cool or look pretty – just the honest truth about being a person.

There’s also a website that’s just launched with guest bloggers such as Dawn Porter (my fave) who’s just posted today an article called Success Isn’t What’s in Your Bank Account, But What’s in Your Head’. She basically talks about how she was in debt and struggling financially even though the whole world thought she was living a glamorous lifestyle with her Hollywood boyfriend. I guess the point of the The Conversation is that writing/talking about things that are going on is quite therapeutic as living up to the media’s ideals of perfection must be pretty exhausting.

Here’s a sneak preview:

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