April 10, 2012

why are we so shocked about instabook/facegram

Yes, $1billion is a hell of a lot of money to buy something for. Especially an app that is under two years old and still unfamiliar to a lot of people. It was also inaccessible to a lot of people until a few days ago when it made available for Android peeps. Do why did Facebook get so touchy hyper-defensive and buy them out fasster than Zuck could say i’m-CEO-bitch?

We shouldn’t be shocked that Zuckerberg felt the fear and decided to go with the ‘if you can’t beat them, buy them’ motto. It appears the Facebook team could see that people were uploading or sharing Instagram’d images more than just directly uploading. Implications for Facebook means a whole host of users are sharing on Instagram, before sharing to Facebook. And of course there are numerous cases where users and brands are setting up separate communities that not bothered about sharing them to Facebook. The Instagram community is for people who like sharing artistic images and not status updates about what they are having for supper. Facebook clearly started thinking Hey, come back here. 

Should we be worried about the marriage of the two platforms? As quite a big Instagram user, I felt slightly nervous at the news. I’m starting to want to navigate away slightly from Facebook, it’s almost become too big, so playing around with different apps (such as Instagram) was my way of escaping from it. As much as I am slightly concerned that Facebook have the power to ‘ruin it’ as many people keep saying, I do think that the waffle about ‘frictionless-sharing’ is an interesting one. I do also think that they do kind of care about the user’s needs first. If they make it easier for me to share photos with my friends, then OK cool, whatever. The amount of money that Facebook paid out is indeed the first shock factor, but I think this has also reminded us of Facebook’s power, the fact that they are all encompassing and can pretty much buy out anyone and anything. The small team at Instagram are probably reclining on a super-yacht as we speak.  Oh hail king Zuckerberg.

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