April 13, 2012


Is it just me that cannot currently contain my excitement for David Beckham’s face (and body I hope) to be on the cover of July’s issue of Elle??

Not only is Becks going to be the first solo male to take pride of place, but it’s also even more exciting that we’ll be able to see behind the scenes footage on Elle TV of Beckham ‘in action’ – the poses, the smiles, the outfits, ALL OF IT!

Things we already know

  • It only takes 3 minutes – for David Beckham to make the crowd swoon. After all, he is perfection.

  • He’s partial to Danish pastry – The team tweeted the delicious treats they had ordered for Mr Beckham to nom on throughout the shoot. The Elle studio has probably never had to feed a big footballer during a fashion shoot before.
  • Nice location – Obviously they’re not going to pick anywhere shabby for the shoot, but what we do know is they have whisked Mr B out to somewhere with a  turquoise swimming pool, tweeted by a reliable source. My brain is only thinking one thing – swimwear!

Things we don’t know:

  • Will Becks be naked? Maybe he’ll be wearing a single loin cloth that only just covers his male regions, or a leaf, or a football?
  • Is Victoria annoyed? Isn’t Vicky B meant to be fashionista of the Beckham family? If I was the lady herself I’d pretend to be pleased but secretly think, Oi, I wouldn’t have minded some free couture from the infamous Elle Wardrobe. 
  • Will Becks bring back an old hairstyle? I sincerely hope not, but we do know Old Becks like to experiment with a cheeky middle-parting, hairbands, braids and even the DOUBLE TOPKNOT. <—– click to this beauty

The July issue will be out on May 30th – good job I’ve got Elle monthly subscription can’t WAIT.

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