April 23, 2012

How Twitter is changing the way celebrities present their personal brand

Times are changing for celebs. Along with the social media boom comes the benefit of  individuals now being able to take the reigns on how they want to communicate their brand, and it’s great to now see some more personality behind these well-known faces. The latest big celebrity to join the Twittersphere is Victoria Beckham. VB used to be a bit of a mystery, someone we were all fascinated with as she kept a low-profile and used to only really be papped wearing oversized sunglasses and be attacked constantly by mean journalists calling her ‘grumpy’ even though she’d probably just that minute given birth or something ridiculous. This of course made people more interested in her, and obsessed with wanting to know what her life was about.

With the launch of Victoria Beckham’s Facebook Page last week and growing Twitter empire, people are for the first time, able to see what goes on behind the doors. And we’re liking her more.

This week, VB has tweeted pictures of herself having fun with flight attendants, making a Frappacino with the Starbucks staff and messing around in dressing rooms. It’s intriguing, fun to follow and as a growing designer to watch out for, we get to see how hands on she is with her work. We also now even get a sneak peak into what she ate for her birthday. So those journalists who write double page spreads on what they ‘think’ VB eats/doesn’t eat, should probably consider being a bit more creative.

With the growth of Twitter fanbases superseding old fashioned magazines, we are seeing that their is a shift in consumer behaviour. We don’t need to rely on the paparazzi for our celebrity updates any more. We don’t really need the Hello!s or the Perez Hiltons, we just need to follow the real people for the real updates. Of course, these tweets are probably scripted, scheduled and not Victoria using her own iPhone, but you know – it’s still her with the control over how she wishes to be perceived which is a whole lot better than a speculative story about what she is “probably” doing. Follow her at @victoriabeckham

Rihanna is another example of a celebrity who has taken matters into her own hands. She tweets daily pictures of herself on holiday, at shoots, at work, with friends. With over 17 M followers, it’s great to see that these figures in the public eye can now give the public their versions of the story, rather than waiting for the next whirlwind media storm that is all speculation and no truth. Follow @rihanna

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