May 01, 2012

career girl:Tanya Godbeer, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tanya is a PR professional from Chiang Mai, Thailand working with luxury brands and enjoying busy city life.

Name: Tanya Godbeer or @tanya315 

Where: The Cabin Chiang Mai, Thailand

I work as a PR manager for a luxury drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I moved here because the city is buzzing, has everything I need and reminds me of London just cheaper and less stressful to get around. The city in my opinion is completely underrated, I do everything here that I could do at home, plus more, even though I work full time. I am a member of a health club, part of a hip hop dance crew and still manage to shop and socialise almost everyday as well as continue to write freelance. The bars, markets and restaurants are always packed with socialites and I love that the city explodes of an evening regardless of what night it is; there is always something to do!

The best thing about working in PR is that every day is different. As we are a western run facility my job mainly involves dealing with international press and working closely with PR firms in the UK and Australia as well as managing our social media and the rest. Due to the success of our treatment and private, yet luxurious, location we often attract international celebrities, as well as other fascinating individuals, from all over the world which definitely keeps us busy in the office!

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