June 07, 2012


Everyone knows how easy it is to get sucked into the humdrum of working life. Having lived in London for almost two years (crazy..) that initial buzz of living in a new city has diminished slightly and I am no longer excited by EVERYTHING I see. When I first moved here, I wanted to do and see everything and discover new places constantly, ticking things off my TimeOut London list. I kinda miss that feeling but it’s impossible for it to last forever.

Over the past few months I felt myself getting slightly comfortable in a job I enjoy and an area of London I know and love. I go the same way to work, I know the guy who hands me a Stylist on a Wednesday, the Starbucks dude knows it’s a Vanilla latte and my wardrobe hadn’t been updated in a while. I started to get bored. It didn’t take me long to realise that it wasn’t London I was bored with, it was that day-in-day-out routine, which I’ve never been a fan of. As soon as I started rediscovering things and looking around I realised there’s so much to do.

Last night, my housemate and I went to the launch of ‘Nice to Meet You’ an Art Wednesdays event at Dalston Roof Gardens. Just remembering that there are cool things going on down our road was refreshing enough. There was a barbeque, blankets, a talk by Hellicar & Lewis, who are a hilarious duo who spoke about the creative work they do. I knew I was going to like these guys by the sticker on their laptop ‘Advertisers think you’re stupid“. I’ve realised I warm to cynical people. They use their skills to make visualisations – for big brands like Coca Cola and film launches such as Norwegian Wood. But they were fascinating, not only because it was just the two of them making the impossible happen, but they also convinced big corporations they worked with to be open-source. The free distribution and sharing of the end product’s design meant they could apply it to good causes, such as using the installations to help kids with autism.

It was really inspiring listening to two guys who are awesome at what they do, having a unique way of working and having big brands come to them rather than the other way round. They believe in brainstorming with pens and paper no matter how technical the idea. They give stuff away. They don’t mind sharing. Which reminds me of a blog post by Seth Godin called Big Ideas. Seth talks here about not being scared to let go of your ideas and share them. You can’t scared of people stealing your ideas because if you’re good, you’ll have plenty more. Hellicar & Lewis’s last line was: ‘we could have made more money doing other stuff, but we’re happy’. It appeared morals played a bit part in the way they offer their services to brands. Gave me something to think about.

We also had a dance (wrapped in blankets, it was cold) to Gabriel Bruce, a new East London artist who sounded strangely like David Bowie.

It was a fun night, and has reminded me that there is so much to do in London, you just have to break away from the 9-5 and get out and do it.

To get involved with #artwednesdays go here: http://artwednesday.com

For similar Nice to Meet You events, go here: http://ntmy.eventbrite.com/

E x x

P.s Having said that. I miss that buzz of a new city. And I just read this. Watch this space…


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