June 11, 2012


Even though this is not a fashion blog, nor do I know heaps about fashion, I still finding myself scouring the Internet for daily inspiration of what to wear. I’m starting to find the high-street slightly exhausting, and items having that ‘not quite right’ feel about them. I’ve realised my most treasured items are one’s I’ve searched high and low to find, not just stumbled across and thought ‘why not’. It’s important, I think, especially if you’re trying to cut back on costs, to know what you want to buy before you step foot into a shop. To vision the outfit and complete it in your head first. I’m also finding that my Fashion friends inspire me to customise or try out combinations that you’d think would look hideous but may be pleasantly surprised. Plus, who makes the rules?

Here’s the main things I’m loving this month:

The Two-Tone shirt. With clashing bottoms.

The Grandad Jumper

Studded shorts. (Actually studded anything.)

Making the Man Shirt girly

Patterned or crystallized tights

Big statement earrings with plain clothes

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  1. Emma says:

    That last look is one of my all time favs. Reminds me of an amazing picture of Miuccia Prada I once saw. She had on a simple grey jumper and some stunning antique diamond earrings. So so chic. It has stayed with me for years.

  2. @emgan says:

    Gorgeous isn’t it. It also reminds me of when I watched Factory Girl and became obsessed with Edie Sedgwick and her oversized earrings. 🙂

  3. kellebelle says:

    Wow. Love these images. Agree – I love studs lately and the granddad jumper.
    Fab blog!


  4. @emgan says:

    Yes!! The grandad jumper is so cute – and on boys too! I remember wearing studs back in the day but thankfully not in a wannabe goth way now! 🙂

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