June 18, 2012


What a weekend. Another year older and a great excuse to get all the best ones together to have a good old knees up. On Friday I went to Lovebox in Victoria Park and enjoying dancing in the mud to an array of different peeps. Weather was good and the atmosphere was relaxed. I always forget just how amazing festivals actually are – it’s just loads of people all together in a field loving life. A rare moment.

My highlights from the weekend:

  • Receiving a birthday message from @The_Dolphin_Pub. Love that guy.
  • Going to Momo for a North African feast
  • Dancing to the 2 Bears
  • Realising that hanging out with James Drake is fun eve when stranded by some portaloos
  • My drunken sister
  • Birthday tickets to Latitude festival to see Yeasayer!
  • Drinking vodka out of a water bottle like the uni days
  • The DJ in the Dolphin loving his life and playing power ballads
  • Having the day off work
  • Being with my besties x
  • Going back to Devon to see my parents and having yummy home food

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