June 18, 2012

I fell in love with Grace Dent

On Thursday I went to a really great talk at the SouthBank centre. It was in a huge conference room, hosted by Twitter’s UK team. @BruceDaisley was there to introduce the speakers and host the Q&A. He had a good sense of humour. I liked him.

It was really worthwhile event, not only because we got free Twitter mugs (woo) but we got to listen to big global brands like American Express speak about the power of Twitter. We saw amazing case studies from Pepsi and Cadbury and how they are reaching people in new exciting ways. Brands are becoming increasing fun and interactive and captalizing on their customers use of social media. Amex campaigns include the ‘tweet & sync’ campaign whereby users get rewards on their card just from tweeting. They’re doing what they already do and getting rewards for it- that’s what brands should be doing. Make it easier for us and we’ll spend more money.

After the brand talk, Bruce invited on to the stage a guest speaker who was not going to talk about brands. She was going to talk about using Twitter as person. To my utter delight and surprise, Grace Dent walked onto the stage and I instantly loved her. Relaxed, cool, and a little bit crazy, she sat in her chair after having microphone problems and shared with us her infectious laugh. She was clearly there to just chat, rather openly, to the audience of 500 people and she was going to honest about her relationship with Twitter.

I felt like I really shared her attitude to it. She admitted to waking up first in the morning and checking her iPhone. Reading your messages and mentions give you a little boost as you feel so connected to the world around you. She admitted that she’d waste away hours between writing articles to talk to her fellow writer friends. They’d discuss cooking, politics, the ‘Daily Mail sidebar of shame’ and the latest trending topics. She also admitted to meeting up with lots of her Twitter friends for secret beers. Now, it’s becoming cooler and more acceptable to say ‘I met blah-blah from Twitter”., not “from the Internet”.  She said Twitter was one of the best ways you can find people similiar to you and I think it’s true. It’s easy to find people who have big things in common but Twitter actually allows you to find people that are just as weird as you. Grace was right when she said Twitter enables us to go on our own little journeys.

It was really refreshing to hear someone being honest and open about their use of social media. We all do it. We all become slightly addicted to things. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Talking and meeting new people and discovering something new is one of the most fun things in life.

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