June 23, 2012

growing up with the olsen twins

Whatever our age, we all have that person we slightly obsess over and attempt to be more like. Right now I want to be Caitlin Moran for her witty foul-mouthed writing skills or Alexa Chung for being on the cover of three magazines at once wearing the clothes she wore the night before. When I was 10, it was Sleeping Beauty because I liked sleeping and plus, she had alright hair. At 13 it was Britney, envious of her being on the arm of Justin Timberlake and a few years later I ditched the pink scrunchies and instead tried to be an angry skater girl  a la Avril Lavigne, carrying the skateboard as an accessory, obviously.


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  1. Roisin says:

    Totally agree will all phases of Olsen love <3 actually, I'm off to fish out my copy of passport to Paris right now and spend a Sunday afternoon reminiscing (and passing it off as research for a forthcoming trip) and the more I think about it – I'm pretty sure Ashley in New York Minute is still influencing my choices – the original Blair Waldorf!

  2. Jemma says:

    I love them. We are exactly the same age, so I’ve always kind of thought they were peers living the life I would had my acting career taken off all those years ago.

    I saved a bunch of photos of them to my iPad which I look at when I need style inspiration.

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