June 25, 2012

five pressures of the modern day Wonder Woman

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  1. I wrote an intro article for the social media company I’m going to be working at this week. Basically, in the article, I said I want to be Superwoman and be everything and “have it all”. In the article I also said I was crazy and it’s exhausting. I think the WW syndrome is something installed in a lot of us and we need to take time out to get rid of it. For me, it might take a while but I will eventually realise not to take on 5+ clients at a time whilst trying to bake fresh bread!

  2. haha. you’re right. i used to be like that when i started my first internship until an awesome colleague of mine told me to stop saying ‘yes’ to everyone. best thing ever. i was able to do less but at a better quality. x

  3. I think I go through phases. At the moment I’m studying, working as a freelance social media manager and writing for Nottingham Post whilst trying to cook a perfect meal for when my boyfriend gets home. It’s ok, I’m going on holiday soon, I’ll relax!

  4. i know what you mean. never enough hours. your blogs really interesting btw – good luck!

  5. Aw thanks! You know I love yours, it’s really inspiring! x

  6. i giggled quite a lot at point three! i’ve been there – done that and thankfully learnt my lesson. at 19 i’ve still got all the wonders of a wonder woman lifestyle to come – if i ever get there that is! thanks for posting 🙂

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