July 08, 2012

Who’s your weird crush?

We all have that crush that we know is sort of socially unacceptable. They not be conventionally good-looking but maybe they are funny, or have a weird mannerism that is weirdly attractive. Anyway. I just admitted mine on Twitter and also wanted to share the responses as they made me giggle.

Who’s yours?

@DaisyGlittrbomb – John Cusack
@KoleGate – Simon Pegg
@kellipandaaa – Hugh Laurie
@Banners85 – Alan Rickman
@fleecicle – Kevin Smith
@Caro_besitos – Barrack Obama
@LTBeautyBlog – Chris Evans
@CoSansom – Len Goodman
@LadyEm83 – Mark Austin from ITV
@AlessiaBisini – Simon Cowell
@50shadesoftrace – Jeremy Irons
@mryahbut – Ricky Gervais (says a man named Jason)
@tegandwyer – Robert Carlyle
@SunDrenchedJo – Timothy Dalton

Tweet me and I’ll add to the list! x x

No Responses

  1. Mine is Patrick Stewart AS Captain Jean Luc Picard, I know… 🙂

  2. I don’t know if it’s weird or not…but Russell Howard is mine. 😉 Xx

  3. Joey Ng says:

    Are you sureee it’s Ricky Gervais or SOMEONE else?? 😉

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