July 18, 2012

Once upon a time…

We played some songs on MySpace.
Then we messed around with the idea of profiling ourselves on Bebo.
Then we wanted to know what the cool uni kids were doing on Facebook.
Then every man and his dog was on it.
Then, we started seeing some ads…..
And now all the big brands are using it. To engage with US.

I spoke a bit about how brands are utilising Facebook, the pros and cons of the platform and how its becoming increasingly important to their overall brand identity & strategy.  And how to grow and maintain a large community of people. Telling your messages, without broadcasting, through a consistent tone of voice and awesome community management.

Full low down of the day to follow. Thank you @Chinwag for hosting a superb event. 

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  1. Miss Feebs says:

    I hope the event went well for you – weren’t you nervous speaking in front of all those people?!


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