July 24, 2012

Battle of the feminists

If a random girl is trying to offend another girl it used to be ‘I’m prettier than you are”. Now, it’s “I’m more of a feminist than you are”. Saying to a girl that they are not a feminist if now the world’s biggest insult.

But why are we tying to get at each other if we’re all meant to be supporting each other? Can’t we just agree to disagree on the minor details and have a party?

I recently wrote a blog post saying that from my own experiences (mostly in London) I haven’t yet seen a female stand up comedian that has made me cackle as much as my favourite male comedians. That’s not me saying that I hate women and they can’t do it as well as men, I’m just saying that I haven’t yet seen it. I want to, don’t get me wrong. I want to not cringe every time I see a woman stand-up comedian. It’s because in MY experience (maybe it’s limited, maybe it’s not), the centre piece to their performance is about being a woman and in that respect I feel like they feel they have to fall back on playing it up in order to get a laugh. They shouldn’t feel they have to – that’s where my frustration comes from. Not everyone agrees with this and that’s fine.

Not everyone agrees with everyone – that’s the beauty of a debate. But when angry feminists raise their fists and act all lary and scary – I just think: it’s only an opinion. Some random girl got fruity with me after a post I wrote for HelloGiggles. I’m not trying to be offensive, I just have an opinion that is different to yours. Lie horizontal for a second. As Caitlin Moran says about feminism: it’s more “thumbs up for the 6 billion” more than anything else.

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